Our 2017 Fitness Buddy Challenge is Underway


Welcome to our 2017 Fitness Buddy Competition with Anytime Fitness of Delaware and The Mid Ohio Breakfast Club

Congratulations to our three winners!

Fitness Buddy #1: Nicole Fowles of Delaware

Fitness Buddy #2: Rory Yockey of Delaware

Fitness Buddy #3: Christopher Marshall of Delaware

They’ll be joining us – Mark, Blake, and Cathi of the Mid Ohio Breakfast Club – on a quest to help each other achieve our individual fitness goals.


All six of us will meet at Anytime Fitness on a regular basis to work out together and do what Fitness Buddies are supposed to do – motivate, inspire, and hold each other accountable for meeting our individual health and wellness goals with Anytime Fitness.

Additionally, each of us on the Mid Ohio Breakfast Club will partner with one of our Fitness Buddies (either Chris, Nicole or Rory) and commit to regular workouts with each other at Anytime Fitness and daily texts, communication, etc. to keep each other on track!

We’ll update this blog with weekly reports on each of our achievements that week.

Plus, watch for Facebook and Twitter posts, YouTube Videos of our workouts, and words of advice designed to help – and encourage you and all of our listeners – to achieve your own health, wellness, and fitness goals!

Join Us here on Facebook for Weekly Photos and Videos from Our Workouts at Anytime Fitness

And Listen for On-Air Reports weekday mornings during the Mid Ohio Breakfast Club on 92.9 and 1550 WDLR and True Oldies 98.7 and 1270 WQTT 

We’ll talk with each of our Fitness Buddies on-air each week and get tips, advice, and motivation from the trainers and professionals at Anytime Fitness of Delaware and Marysville.

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Anytime Fitness Website


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